Residents of flooded Berkshire hit out

Residents of the deluged village of Horton have criticised authorities for their response to the floods.

The Berkshire village is on the banks of the Thames whose water levels are at their highest since 2003 according to the Environment Agency.

Berkshire, along with neighbouring counties such as Surrey, is also under a severe flood warning.

Mrs Rank, who claims the water has risen an inch a day, said: “I phoned the Environment Agency yesterday to complain about the ditches out the back that they are empty.  They should be full of water and my husband and a group of people are out there digging trenches.   ‘Oh, we’ll get someone to call you back.’ Nothing”.

She added: “I phoned the police yesterday about a road closed sign and finally they have done it.”

The army, greeted by some local hostility, arrived on Tuesday afternoon to reassure villagers and hand out sandbags.

Another resident said: “We have a pregnant girl and two children.  We have bags of shopping.  The police wouldn’t give us a lift back down to the site.  The army wouldn’t help us.”

A Horton Road occupier said: “I think if it carries on the water will probably be inside the house.”

There is concern about losing the electricity supply as more bad weather is forecast for the coming days.

Published February 12, 2014 on


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