Stanmore locals decide on future

Stanmore residents were offered the chance to have their say in the development of their community centre last Saturday.

The Carroll Centre, established in 1993 after locals raised £425,000, opened its doors to the public who saw the recent plans. Residents attended along with local political figures.

The consultation followed last July’s Stanmore Planning Framework report commissioned by Winchester City Council, which offered proposals for changes to the area’s over the next 10 to 15 years.  The key points identified included housing growth and regeneration, community facilities and public spaces and transport.

Stanmore Community Association Trustee, Alistair Marsden, spoke of the need to increase Stanmore’s community voice, ‘We have had challenges trying to increase engagement in the local community but what can we do to increase that engagement to put Stanmore more on the map and to improve the sort of life in Stanmore more generally’.

Winchester and Chandler’s Ford MP, Steve Brine, recognised the community’s importance in their future, ‘When they are in here they can access other services, maybe meet other people, because there are many factors, deprivation, that affect the big estates in Winchester and Stanmore is definitely not immune to that’.

The public were asked to give their level of satisfaction with the current facilities.  ‘What other activities would you like to see take place at the two buildings?’ prompted responses including a GP, multi-use games area and music studio.

Amanda Chard, a resident of North Stanmore, whilst recognising how well the Children’s Centre worked and is hoping for more youth provisions, said ‘I would quite like to see a little more thought perhaps put into any plans that they are doing to make sure that all the services that are provided are really excellent rather than there being lots available but not quite so good’.

The plans are to be decided in the near future.

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