The Fox and Hounds pub hunts down investment

A co-operative formed of four pub goers from Denmead are raising money to reopen their local pub.

The Fox and Hounds that closed in April 2012 has raised nearly £215,000 from investors and donors towards their target of £500,000.

Nick Jardine, Founding Director of the co-operative praised the community support for their nearest pub: “It shows how strong this community is at this end of Denmead.  It’s their only social gathering place in this area of the village and they all want to preserve it”.

Jan Cooper resident of Denmead for 11 years and investor said: ‘It’s just a brilliant place to come to and we are all very sad that the pub has been closed now for the last 18 months and we are trying our best to get the pub back so all the local villagers can use it again”.

A bidding process commenced after the watering hole was listed as an asset of community value under The Localism Act 2011.

Over 100 volunteers helped with a clear out in early February attended by Meon Valley MP, George Hollingbery.

With contracts exchanged and interest from potential tenants, the co-operative is in the process of acquiring the establishment.

Rob Stark, Founding Director of the co-operative said: ’In the summer you can sit out and have a cold drink, have a beer and that’s what life’s all about, isn’t it?”

It is planned for refurbishment to start within the next month and the pub to re-open this summer.

Published on March 5, 2014  on


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