Winchester City Mill ground down by floods

The Government is making £40,000 available to businesses within the Winchester district that have been affected by the recent flooding.

The Government has also scrapped business rates paid by local companies for three months, but this needs to be instigated by Winchester City Council (WCC).

The council is currently drawing up a list of flood damaged businesses, and has announced that £50,000 is also available from them to help through its Business Hardship Scheme.

Companies can also apply to WCC for up to £5,000 to help with ways to handle future floods.

Winchester City Mill museum remains shut for the third consecutive week.  Trade has been badly hit by the floods as it was closed over the normally busy half term.

Visitor Services Manager, Rick Weeks said: “It’s just draining really, you know, a month of it’s a bit too long.   A few days isn’t too bad but once you get into this sort of timeframe, you’ve had enough really ”.

Once the river level drops a survey will be commissioned to determine the damage and any financial support required to the mill.

The Business Improvement District (BID) represents Winchester’s business interests.

BID Executive Director, Chris Turner praised the way the local authority handled the floods and said: “We’ve got businesses whose cellars are a foot deep in water. They need cash.  The big nationals can deal with this.  They have a problem but at least they are insured.”

The Government is due to provide more money in March after the extent of the damage is determined.

Published February 26, 2014 on


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